About the Author


Fionn Gray is a California native who currently resides in the New England area. Their daily life includes herding two cats and a doting fiance and trying to remember to cook dinner on time.

Gray began writing as soon as they were able to think of a story and hold a pencil. From magical realism to scary stories to Junie B. Jones imitations, Gray loved words in a way that even they can’t explain. Their latest expedition into the field of novel writing began during NaNoWriMo in 2012, where their debut novel, Out, was born. It took over five years for them to flesh out the story and bring the characters to life, but it is now a work that Gray can be proud of.

In time, Gray would like to be an author and a guidance counselor to queer kids in need of someone with whom they can share their fears and experiences. For now, they work, they eat, and they write.