About the Book

Stephen King. I can’t say his name without people remembering instant classics like Carrie, IT, and The Shining. His name has become synonymous with the horror genre, and his unique voice and ability to get under a reader’s skin are uncanny and breathtaking.

So which Stephen King novel am I going to be diving into this week? His memoir: On Writing.

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Writers are Readers and Other Platitudes

It’s common knowledge that a good writer has to read. Of course, they have to read to understand their market, their own readers, and critics. This is the kind of reading that writers and students alike understand: research. Some of it is fun, naturally. As a writer, you enjoy the art form of words on a page, painting a world for you with the turn of every page. But then there is the homework that we would much rather skip; the kind of reading that we leave until we’re done with all of our other tasks until it cannot feasibly be put off any longer. The tedium will pass, however, and then it will be done, and your work will be fun again.

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